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Starting from the Pioneer store, which was founded in 1993 at Tg. Balai Karimun, a shop engaged in the trading of household electrical equipment and supplies. After developing for more than a decade in this field, supported by financial capabilities and reliable human resources, the Pioneer store expanded its business to Batam City, and in 2004, PT. Golden Batam Raya, a limited liability company engaged in trading of electrical equipment and supplies for industrial use in Batam City. The results of the hard work of the founders of the company are evident today. PT. Golden Batam Raya has spread evenly to other big cities in the archipelago. 

The Golden Batam Raya


Becoming a Global Benchmark

To become a trusted world-class company in electrical products with competitive prices and superior quality in order to realize and maintain the trademark value of the products traded and in every line of business it is involved in.


Satisfaction, Innovation, Empowering Success

  • Providing satisfaction with the best service to consumers by continuing to innovate and maintaining high quality and value.
  • Providing value-added products and services at competitive prices through intensive communication and providing the right solutions for customers.
  • Creating the best environment for employees to work and grow with the company.


The certificate display section showcases a comprehensive collection of certifications earned by individuals or organizations, validating their expertise, skills, and accomplishments in various fields.

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