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6W50 x 100 mm540lm100 pcs25.000 Hours
12W60 x 115 mm1080lm100 pcs25.000 Hours
18W70 x 126 mm1620lm100 pcs25.000 Hours
25W80 x 144 mm2250lm100 pcs25.000 Hours
30W100 x 170 mm2700lm50 pcs25.000 Hours
35W100 x 170 mm3150lm50 pcs25.000 Hours
45W115 x 190 mm4050lm50 pcs25.000 Hours
55W125 x 215 mm4950lm50 pcs25.000 Hours
Teknologi ProdukLED
Warna CahayaCahaya Putih (Daylight)
Temperature Cahaya6500K
Umur Lampu25.000 Jam
FittingE27 Base Tipe 50/60hz
VoltaseLow Voltage 110-240V~
Color Rendering Index (CRI)>80
Sudut Balok>180°

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